How to Choose The House That Suits You The Best

Are you thinking of investing in a summer house? One of the newest trends is Sal. This is a beautiful island from the Cape Verde archipelago, in West Africa and in the last 10 years the vacations organized here have made a name for themselves. The exotic beaches, the clear water with amazing snorkeling sites and the volcanoes bring about a million of tourists every year. It is a good idea to buy property in Sal and have every year a relaxing and beautiful vacation already planned. Before choosing your new property, think well about what you need and if you can take care of it.

1. Is it just for you or for your entire family?

First of all, think about how big you want your new property. Do you want a small apartment or a beautiful house on the beach with a nice pool beside it? If you have a big family and you also plan to bring here your friends, a small flat won’t do it, but you still have to think about your budget and if you can afford a bigger place.

2. Do you want a place to sleep or are you planning unforgettable parties

If you plan luxurious parties, with DJs and waves of champagne, you may need a bigger house, or maybe a penthouse.

3. Think about its maintenance

You will not be able to stay there all year long, so you have to think about the person who will take care of the property. You will still have to pay taxes and utilities for the periods you are not there and it can be expensive. Think very well before buying a holiday house because you will have to pay for it every month.

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